Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'm about to start work on designing a playroom for a family and I would love to introduce lots of colour to the room in a subtle way so it can also be adult friendly. I really like this space belonging to fashion designer Ariane Goldman which appeared in Septembers issue of Lonny Magazine. The bones of the room are actually quite understated but the room is brought to life with some simple accessorising, What I love about this style of designing is that its so easy to update the look or the colour palette if you become tired of it at some point!

Ariane really has such a beautiful home so I thought I would share the rest of it in case any of you didn't catch this issue of Lonny.

 all images: Lonny Magazine

I love the mixture of seating styles and I'm a huge fan of that monochromatic rug! 

A little while ago I mentioned that I was off on a health retreat for a weekend - the time has now come! I'm incredibly excited to head off to Gwinganna tomorrow for a weekend of spa treatments, delicious organic food and lots of 'me' time. I'll share some of my highlights with you on the blog next weekend, and for all my Aussie followers - Happy Australia Day - enjoy the long weekend!

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